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EWT’s tour managers

Make your trip safer and reap the benefits of adding a tour manager onto your next educational adventure. EWT offers skilled, professional, multilingual tour managers that can make a big difference when your group is on the road. Tour managers will help the chaperones with group’s daily schedules, function as supplemental tour guides using their knowledge and unique insight, and even solve logistics problems if they happen - on the spot!

The tour managers assure a seamless trip - they represent all the values, the history, and the standards of EWT. Adding a manager is an intelligent choice since they bring peace of mind, easing the burden of chaperones as tour managers monitor group’s health conditions and security from the moment you arrive at your destination until you say goodbye, making the trip enjoyable and fun for both students and chaperones!

To learn more about the advantages of adding a tour manager, please ask your tour coordinator for more details.
Chris Tripodi Chris travels because it is the most interesting thing he can think of doing between meals. Anyone can buy a plane ticket, but helping a country come alive through its people, sights, culture, cuisine and customs is what Adventures Abroad is all about. Chris enjoys the inevitable challenges, the unforgettable moments, the warm people, the stories shared, the memories made, and every single morsel of each tour. Read More about Chris Tripodi
Claude Morency After fifteen years on the road worldwide, Claude joined the Adventures Abroad team in 1998. He enjoys challenging destinations with a strong adventure factor. He shows a definite interest in landscapes, wildlife, ecology, arts, traditions and history. International friendship has always been his ultimate travel objective and personal reward. Read More about Claude Morency
Jonathan Hodgson Jonathan has lived much of his life dedicated to the idea that he would rather have a wealth of experiences than a wealth of riches. Having taken up a nomadic lifestyle shortly after finishing his undergraduate degree, he has been on the move on and off over the last 25+ years. The wanderlust has taken him to basing himself in places such as Scotland, Australia and Uzbekistan, and to visiting many more locations around our planet. Now (sort of) settled in Vancouver with his wonderful (and patient) family, he still loves the idea of having the world as his office and always enjoys trying to capture the essence of the locations he travels and tours in with his photography. Read More about Jonathan Hodgson
Lorna Lissner Lorna has been with Adventures Abroad for over 15 years, working both as a Tour Leader and a destination specialist in the office. Read More about Lorna Lissner
Pam Schewe Pam spent many years working in radio broadcasting in Vancouver but decided that instead of working in order to travel, she would be much happier traveling for work. The only real difference between the two careers is that now she can tell immediately when her jokes are not funny. “Is this mic on…??” Read More about Pam Schewe
Victor Romagnoli I love the excitement of getting up each morning on a tour and not knowing exactly how a day will unfold. It keeps me on my toes so to speak, and adds a breath of excitement to each day on tour. With almost 30 years of tour leading under my belt, I thank all of you for being a part of this exciting journey. Read More about Victor Romagnoli
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