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Our team has years of experience in facilitating tours for sporting groups. We work with school teams and local clubs to organize tours in any destination(s) worldwide, and we will custom design an itinerary specifically for your group. Our well-traveled team members can help you decide on the best destination for your group, the sport that you play, and the time when you want to travel.

Our tours can include games with local teams, self-training time and tournaments as requested. In addition to any activity that is specific to your group's purpose, we can include local activities such as sightseeing, evening shows, and amusements.

The following are just some examples of types of tours and activities we can include in your tour.

Team Sports

Nothing brings together a team like a trip to another part of the world to compete and experience a different facet of the sport. Whether you are a school team, a private team, or public group we can craft a custom itinerary that is just right for you. We have extensive experience creating itineraries for teams and clubs who play rugby, soccer, field hockey, netball, ice hockey, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball, and many other sports.

Individual Sports

We craft enriching itineraries for school teams, private clubs and public groups who are looking for some new competition and we improve these itineraries with cultural experiences. Whether your group plays tennis, squash, golf or another individual sport we can design a custom itinerary for you.

Multiple Sports

We also offer combo tours for groups looking to gain experience in a number of sports on their trip. Most groups prefer to combine two or three sports into one trip. Our experienced teams have worked on many multi sports tours, but two of our most popular sports combination tours are soccer & rugby and netball & field hockey.


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