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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum/maximum group size?

There are no minimum or maximum group sizes. Every tour is created for your group so we do not have a set group number. Another benefit of each tour being customized is that unlike many tour companies EWT's policy is that we never combine you with other school tours.


Our bus companies have a high standard of buses and are certified by the country's national transportation authority. Buses and regularly inspected and drivers have safety checks. We can also include school buses for short local transfers to help keep costs down. Safety and comfort for our clientele are among our highest priorities.


All our accommodation is selected based on the needs of your group. We ensure the properties we use have private washrooms (unless otherwise specified) comfortable sleeping arrangements and up-to-date safety features.

We also take into consideration the amenities provided by the accommodation so that the rooming arrangements suit a school group (however we cannot guarantee all the requests are arranged by the accommodation):
  • We endeavor to have Boys & Girls rooms on separate floors
  • Pay TV options are unavailable to students
  • There is no access to roofs/parking lots etc from hotel rooms, wherever possible
  • Pay fridge options are removed before arrival of the Students
  • School is made aware of amenities in each room before arrival (kettles, fridges etc)


Whether meals are included in the tour is up to the discretion of the tour organiser. During the request of the initial quote the question is posed as to what is included. The organiser states the inclusions but meals and activities can be added at any time during the planning of the tour. Most school groups choose to include breakfast within the tour cost therefore details of breakfast are included in your final documents (where the breakfast where will be located and what it will include). In addition to breakfast many groups chose to include dinner. Some schools include all dinners and some only special occasions, such as dinners with a show, it is entirely at the discretion of the organiser. Lunch is typically not included as we allow for time for students to purchase lunch. How many meals you'd like to include is entirely up to you.

Special Meal Requirements

In almost all instances we can deal with participants with special meal requirements. Whether it be allergies, religious restrictions or even just the whims of a finicky eater, we do our best to accommodate all requests to ensure students and teachers alike are properly looked after while on tour. For any special meal requirements please inform your agent prior to debarking on our tour so that arrangements can be made as needed.

Our Tours

All of our tours are customised by group. A school organiser may contact us with a specific plan in mind or they may take inspiration from our website. Either way we create a tour with each groups' needs in mind. This allows for special activities and destinations to be included in each tour and for each itinerary to be perfect for each group. We'll add extra excursions, delete meals, change hotels, switch restaurant etc. With Educational World Tours, the possibilities are endless!

Supervisors fees

As those of you know who have travelled with students before - supervising a student group is no holiday. Therefore, we understand that the supervisors fare is often covered. However, we are happy to accommodate any structure that suits you; be it chaperones travelling at no personal cost, paying a portion of the trip, being paying travellers or any combination!

Booking Process and Payment Schedule

You may book a tour or request a quote by contacting our sales offices by email, phone or requesting a quote online. After receiving an itinerary and a quote a school organiser proposes the tour to the school and parents. Once a deposit is collected and send to EWT we begin the process of implementing your tour. If there are flights associated with your tour you may be ask to submit a second deposit to secure the flights. If this second deposit is required a passenger list needs to be submitted which included legal names of all participants along with their birthdays. Final Payment is then required 60 days before the tour date.

On Tour Contact

Every tour is assigned an agent that is responsible for its creation and management. Among the benefits of this structure is that during the tour this same agent will be available 24/7 for any questions or problems.

Is my tour Refundable?

Should you need to cancel your trip, you must notify us in writing, by e-mail, or by fax immediately. Deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel a tour you forfeit any non-refundable deposits and a $1000 service fee. Less than 60 days prior to departure, all monies paid are 100% non-refundable. Name changes after final payment and airline bookings are not permitted. Insurable risks may be covered under trip cancellation insurance policies, if purchased. We will not grant partial refunds for any unused trip arrangements; voluntarily missed meals, sightseeing, transport, or any refunds to trip members who do not complete any portion of the itinerary. All air tickets are non-refundable and valid only for the flight(s) indicated.

Does EWT Sell Insurance?

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance is optional but highly recommended and offered by Educational World Tours. Payment for anyone who wishes to purchase insurance should be should be sent with the deposit along with the names of the individual(s). When purchasing insurance please be aware of the policy coverage and cancellation restrictions. If there is anyone over 59 years old on the tour they may not be eligible for insurance under the group plan and need to fill out a questionnaire.
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  • *** All our itineraries are custom designed for each group so the more information you provide the more accurate the itinerary you receive will be. After you submit your request you will be contacted by an Educational World Tours sales representative with an itinerary and quote.

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