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Starts: Oaxaca
Ends: Oaxaca
Duration: 9 Days


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  • Fly from departure city to Oaxaca.
  • Clear customs and meet your Educational World Tours Representative Tour Manager who will escort you to your waiting private coach.
  • Upon arrival transfer to hotel and check in. There will be time to purchase a lunch.
  • City Tour of Oaxaca. This includes visits to the Museum of Culture, Church of Saint Domingo, the tourist paths, the Cathedral, local markets and the chocolate factory.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.

Accommodation: Moderate hotel accommodation in Oaxaca - 8 nights


  • Breakfast at your accommodation.
  • Tour of the archaeological zone of Mitla, Hierve el Agua, Teotitlan del Valle and the factory of Mezcal.
  • MITLA, OAXACA - In the buildings of the site there is evidence that there was mural paintings. In its structures and the type of decoration that was used to decorate its temples, made of stone lace, the absence of anthropomorphic motifs, very frequent in the ornamentation of other cultures, is noted. It comprises five groups of monumental architecture: North Group, of Adobe, of the Columns, of the Stream and of the South. The sets of Adobe or Calvario and the South, for having been built in previous times, reproduce the tradition of squares surrounded by palaces on platforms, in the style of Monte Albán. For the construction of the other buildings, large monoliths were used as lintels.
  • HIERVE EL AGUA, OAXACA - Natural rock formations, which look like waterfalls. Then we continue to visit Mitla, archaeological site located 34 miles from the city of Oaxaca (Mictlan or place of Dead in Nahuatl). Made of mosaic, the apparent absence of human motives, very frequent shown in the ornamentation of other cultures. It also highlights the mixture of Zapotec and Mixtec cultures.
  • TEOTITLÁN DEL VALLE, OAXACA Town - "Place where there are temples for the gods", in Nahuatl. It is famous for its wool textile products: rugs, jackets, bags, sarapes, carpets, curtains and dresses, dyed with natural pigments and made in large wooden looms. The designs range from traditional Greek and Zapotec and Mixtec glyphs, to reproductions of contemporary painters. 25 km from Oaxaca.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.


  • Breakfast at your accommodation.
  • IXTLÁN DE JUÁREZ, OAXACA - Ixtlán has its location in the northern highlands of Oaxaca and by that Ixtlán part of ecotourism of Oaxaca. This Zapotec roots community is located in the northern Sierra of Oaxaca, 2,030 meters above the sea level. Its 19,310 hectares of territory is home to a huge variety of flora, numerous species of fauna and seven types other than vegetation.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.


  • Breakfast at your accommodation.
  • Transfer to a local Language school for a lesson of 3 hrs.
  • Lunch at the restaurant recommended by the school.
  • OCOTLÁN DE MORELOS, OAXACA - Magic Town. This Indian market of Fridays is very extensive and varied. Here also machetes, field knives, daggers, swords and tableware are made, most of these objects are decorated with the technique of engraving with acid or burin, the latter being true pieces of collection. The objects made with leather are very varied: purses, handbags, belts, sandals, which have reached a surprising quality in recent years, as well as popular toys, tin ornaments, wooden masks.
  • SAN MARTÍN TILCAJETE, OAXACA - The alebrijes are, in their origin, the representation of images that were reproduced in papier-mâché. These same images were copied by woodcarver artisans of Santa María Atzompa, with Mr. Manuel Jiménez Ramírez and his successors, and by other artisans of this town. The predominantly used wood is that of copal, which, after a laborious process, allows the confection of very varied figures, which resemble always-fantastic plants or animals, which are painted and decorated.
  • SAN BARTOLO COYOTEPEC, OAXACA - Magic Town. It is a small town specialized in the manufacture of polished terracotta objects. The difference between the ceramic of this place and other places is that the smooth and shiny finish is obtained by polishing the pieces almost dry before going to the oven. In any case, there is polished ceramics and matt ceramics, both types used to make decorative and utilitarian objects. Manufacturing demonstrations are done in private workshops.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.


  • Breakfast at your accommodation.
  • Transfer to a local Language school for a lesson of 3 hrs.
  • Lunch at the restaurant recommended by the school.
  • YAGUL, OAXACA - Archaeological area. The important pre-Hispanic Center, whose name in Zapotec "already-gule" means "Tree or dry stick" counts among its monuments with the largest ball game of the Oaxacan region and the second in Mesoamerica. The area sits on a hill. There is evidence of Yagul occupation from the time of Monte Alban l (500 B.c.). It flourished as a town centre after the decline of Monte Alban (800 years A.d.).
  • SANTA MARÍA EL TULE, OAXACA - Famous for hosting The Tree of the Tule, a giant ahuehuete, 'cypress swamp, sabino' more than 2,000 years old that has become one of the main attractions of the State, visited by national and international tourism. Over the centuries, its branches and bark have created whimsical shapes in which, with a little imagination, you can see profiles of people, animals and even fantastic beings.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.


  • Breakfast at your accommodation.
  • Transfer to a local Language school for a lesson of 3 hrs.
  • Lunch at the restaurant recommended by the school.
  • SAN JOSÉ EL MOGOTE AND SAN AGUSTÍN ETLA, OAXACA - It consists in observing and accompanying the people who are disguised as characters of death, the devil, among others, as they walk through the streets dancing and in each house, they visit, they are given fruits, bread, chocolate or whatever is on the altar of every family. This festival is accompanied by music where visitors can interact with the local population directly in these festivals and customs.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.


  • Breakfast at your accommodation.
  • Transfer to a local Language school for a lesson of 3 hrs.
  • Pizza lunch and exchange with a local school to socialize.
  • MONTE ALBÁN, OAXACA - Archaeological zone. Most important buildings are The Grand Square, Platforms North and south, ballgame, Danzantes's building. Other constructions are The Palace, 'J' building with astronomical observatory and tomb 7 and 104. In the area of the architecture, specialist have found contact with other cultures in Monte Alban. To 11 km from Oaxaca City. Schedule from 8 to 17.
  • SANTA MARIA ATZOMPA, OAXACA - Atzompa, nahuatl, means 'at the top of the water' (' atl 'water'; tzontle 'hair', 'height' and Summit "; and bread 'in' or 'envelope'). Is a municipality in 27465 inhabitants (13029 men and women 14436) located in the State of Oaxaca, with a ratio of fecundity of 1.92 children per woman, 6.97% of the population comes from outside the State of Oaxaca. The 25.66% of the population is indigenous, 13.29% of the population speaks an indigenous language, and 0.17% speak the language indigenous but not Spanish.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.


  • Breakfast at your accommodation.
  • Transfer to a local Language school for a lesson of 3 hrs.
  • Lunch at the restaurant recommended by the school.
  • This afternoon, enjoy some free time.
  • Dinner at a local restaurant.


  • Breakfast at your accommodation.
  • Transfer to Oaxaca Airport.
  • Fly from Riga to home city.






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