Educational World Tours is founded on the principle that travel provides a uniquely immersive, interactive and dynamic learning experience that helps inform the participating students perspective of the world around them. EWT specializes in student tour packages and custom educational trips worldwide. EWT can facilitate the various different activities that Leadership groups engage in as every tour is custom designed. In addition to program activities EWT can arrange cultural experiences and entertainment.

Destinations to visit are virtually limitless and all provide unique learning opportunities. All destinations, itineraries and group types mentioned on this website are samples and provide inspiration.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

EWT is able to organize Adventurous Journeys and Gold Projects for participants who are participating in The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and are happy to work with any division across Canada. In this capacity of travel provider EWT organises trips for participants working towards their Duke of Edinburgh's Award Bronze, Silver and Gold expeditions as well as the Gold project. EWT can arrange activities specific to each program and facilitate the travel arrangements such as airfare, bus and accommodation.


Volunteer Tours

Volunteer Tours

Volunteering is a great opportunity for personal growth for students and making a difference in the lives of others. A volunteer tour can take many forms and visit many locations; perhaps your group is interested in the school building, ocean maintenance or something else regardless Educational World Tours can help organize your tour.

Other Leadership Programs

Other Leadership Programs

Educational World Tours has been partnering with educators since 2002 and have organised a variety of types of educational tours including leadership tours. Every EWT tour is custom designed to ensure that the tour is suited to the group. Specific activities can be included in a tour as per the purpose of the group along with sightseeing activities and cultural exchanges.

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