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Greetings, educators!

Memorial Day, honouring those who scarified their lives while serving in the U.S. military, is coming up soon. On this occasion, we thought that we would share with you our top Memorial Day U.S. cities as inspiration for future students tours. Partake in various visits and celebrations to help your students strengthen their understanding of Memorial Day's significance!

Keep in mind that every EWT tour remains completely customized so that your students get the most of their hands-on learning experience in the field of your choice.

  Washington DC


If you're thinking of building an itinerary around Memorial Day for your students, Washington DC should definitely be your go-to! This patriotic and iconic city overflows with historical sights to help students grasp a concrete understanding of important events and their context, such as Memorial Day.

Visit the Arlington National Cemetery to pay homage to the military personnel who is buried there. Take a guided tour of the National Mall and discover the National World War II Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorials (where you'll see the names of thousands of Americans who have paid the ultimate price for freedom), and the Abraham Lincoln Memorial with a view of George Washington Monument from afar.

Don't forget to partake in festive events too! The National Memorial Day Concert as well as the Parade are great opportunities to celebrate and remember the brave soldiers and veterans who didn't die in vain.


  New York City


Welcome to the city that never sleeps! New York City offers something for everyone, especially on Memorial Day weekend – which also marks the official beginning of summer.

Start by bringing your students to the Interpid Museum's Flat Week free event to honor the U.S. military. Take a tour of the ships docked in Staten and Manhattan Islands; partake in diverse military demonstrations, activities, and concerts; and meet servicemen and women currently serving in the U.S. military. On this occasion, another must is to attend a Parade. We especially recommend the Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade – where all veterans are invited to attend – or the Little-Neck Douglaston Memorial Day Parade.

Make sure to also take a walk around the 9/11 Memorial, an interesting work of art where you and your students will be able to pay homage to those who lost their lives.


  New Orleans


Ideal for music groups, New Orleans will know how to create a festive ambiance to patriotically celebrate the U.S. men and women who bravely lost their lives. Enjoy and/or have your students publicly perform in one of the festivals available such as Birdfoot Festival – celebrating the city's International Music Chamber and featuring live performances – or Greek Fest.

Don't miss a visit to the National WWII Museum to pay homage to soldiers. After touring the museum, you and your students will enjoy music performances and a ceremony before taking part in a national minute of silence.




A unique destination overflowing with culture and nature, Denver is the perfect opportunity to organize a versatile tour for your students.

Join the Memorial Day Parade – followed by The Veterans Memorial Day Tribute at the Veterans Monument – for your students to get a chance to commemorate the men and women who lost their lives while serving their country. Bring them on a hike to celebrate the land that veterans defended; you can choose between multiple options ranging from Washington Park to Red Rocks Park Amphitheatre – an absolute must-see for music teachers – and Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park.

Don't miss the myriad outdoor concerts on the occasion of Memorial Day such as the Denver Day of Rock, featuring 25 free rock concerts! The Center for the Performing Arts also organizes a multitude of events that are worth checking out, like for instance Cameron Mackintosh's Les Miserables; Sense of Sensibility The Musical; or The Downtown Denver Arts Festival.



We hope that you are feeling inspired and are looking forward to designing your next tailor-made itinerary with you.



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