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Hello educators,

Are you looking forward to the day when you can take your students away from the classroom again, into a new world of investigation, learning, and fun? Everything can be created from scratch, customized, and adapted to your requirements for group travel. The list of tasks involved in setting up a perfect trip is immense, and some are quite stressful and nerve-wracking.

We compiled a list of important steps and recommendations you should follow once you decide to kick-start your next educational trip. They are based on our experience and proud history of educational group tours, aimed to avoid stress and frustration and giving you, the teacher, time to anticipate the trip and enjoy it more intensely.

So here is our recipe for setting a perfect educational trip:
  • TO WHICH EXPERIENCES DO I WANT TO EXPOSE MY STUDENTS, AND WHERE DO I FIND THEM? The importance of the settings and surroundings of these experiences are cardinal; the local language if the destination is overseas, along with its culture, customs, climate. They all play a role in the educational journey. Besides that, how to get there, the requirements of visas or health statements, vaccines. Every item should be studied thoroughly. A travel agent is always a good source of knowledge.
    In other words, the number of activities and inclusions such as meals plus the number of educational experiences must fit into your proposed budget.
  • BUDGET, as mentioned above, has to play a crucial role in your planning. Setting a budget that will fit all your students' financial conditions guarantees that no one will be left behind. Also, your travel agents will be able to create a more suitable itinerary and provide you with faster quotes once they have received an estimated budget from your school.
  • THE SIZE OF YOUR GROUP - Group trips include at least 10 and no maximum limit of passengers. We recommend you to have at least one chaperone for every 10 students. Don't forget to let your travel agent know if school chaperones are travelling free of charge!
  • Music, history, language, and culture tours are different in scope and activities. YOU, TEACHER, MUST BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THE FOCUS AND THE GOAL OF THE TRIP BEFORE STARTING PLANNING. We can work together with you in researching what is most suitable for your group – what is available regarding museums, concerts, festivals, workshops, for example. We will book all the requested activities and keep you updated on schedules or eventual changes for your peace of mind.
  • With all the previous steps answered and confirmed, IT IS TIME TO CONTACT US. Fear not, if you still have doubts or questions, we are here to answer those, to give you peace of mind, to set up a great trip for your school. Once we agree upon an itinerary and prices, IT IS TIME TO GET PRACTICAL: do my students need a passport or vaccines for this trip? How is the teacher collecting deposits from students? What is the payment schedule and when is the last deposit? We recommend you then to start your planning and contact us 6 to 9 months before tentative departure. This way, there will be enough time for proper planning and to accommodate all the requirements for the trip.
  • Insurance is a hot topic these days, and even though the decision of purchasing insurance behooves only to the school, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE PURCHASE OF ALL-INCLUSIVE INSURANCE ONCE YOU DECIDE TO TRAVEL. We sell plans that can be included in a tour cost. Insurance will add peace of mind and flexibility in case of cancellation, interruption of travel, and medical issues & emergencies.
  • You have your perfect itinerary, you received your information package from EWT with details on transportation, a voucher for hotel accommodation and activities, and all the relevant addresses and contact information.

    LET'S PACK! It is important to do so smartly and consciously: pack light, comfortable clothing and shoes. Carry travel-size toiletries. Bring one set of underwear and socks for each day plus one extra set for any inconvenience. If you like writing, don't forget your journal or find a good online app to register your memories. Cellphone chargers and extra batteries for your camera. Don't forget some healthy snacks for those late night cravings or a quick break in between activities!


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