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2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of the ending of World War II, the war that encompassed the world with fighting originating in Europe and spreading to Asia, Africa and South America.

Due to the sheer scope of this war, there are huge varieties of destinations to visit for a group looking to engage in the history of this conflict. Destinations can be combined to get a broad perspective of the war that shaped the modern world, or groups can focus on one destination and for an in-depth exploration.

Because of COVID-19, we will celebrate the heroes, remember the harshness of war, and visit the battlefields from our homes, virtually, in 2020.

  England & France


A WWII tour of France and England offers students an inimitable opportunity to explore two historically rich countries while engaging in the events that shaped the modern era.

England was part of the blitzkrieg (lightning war) from German forces during 1940 to 1941, with numerous significant war sites to visit throughout the city. Some fascinating sites include Churchill's war rooms, the British museum, Hyde park and the West End.

Groups can also visit Bletchy Park for a guided tour where the famous Enigma code breaking machine was invented, cracking German communications and changing the course of the war.

France was also deeply involved in both World Wars and is the home of many historic sites, some of them relating to both the Canadian and American armies. One of the sites most known for its Canadian association is Vimy Ridge, a place taken by the Canadian Armed Forces during World War 1. It is now Canadian land and staffed by Canadian students.

Other sites of major importance are the infamous D-Day beaches (Omaha, Utah, Juno, Sword and Gold) and their associated Memorials. At the D-Day Visitor Center, students will experience the exhibition that explains Operation Overlord and then shares the life stories of some of the soldiers who fought and died in Normandy.

For a virtual visit of Churchill War Rooms -

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  Amsterdam & Berlin


Travelling to these two significant countries is a genuine opportunity for your students to experience the "Occupiers" and the "Occupied". 

This unique tour allows you to see how the Netherlands was occupied by Germany and the resulting devastation. It also provides insight into the liberation of countries that fell to the Germans. In this case, the liberators were the Canadian Armed forces, which forged close ties between the nations. Explore many world-renowned wonders, such as Amsterdam with Dam Square, the Rijksmuseum, and the Anne Frank House.

Visiting Berlin in conjunction with Amsterdam provides students with a contrast of experiences, as well as a better understanding of the war. While the Germans are known as the instigators and occupiers throughout WWII, since the war they have not shied away from displaying their history. By visiting Berlin, students are exposed to the capital of modern and war time Germany, and thus the epicenter of the European war effort.

Make sure to include a visit to the Holocaust Memorial, which is dedicated to the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. A guided tour of the city also provides a rich understanding into the history of the city.

Visit the Rijkmuseum from your phone -

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When students think of World War II, the fighting in Europe is probably what comes to their mind. Yet, there was vast fighting and devastation in Japan. A visit to this destination will focus on the war from Japan's perspective while also partaking in all of its unique cultural opportunities.

As all EWT tours are customized, we can include a mixture of sights and activities. Among them, discover various WWII wartime sites, such as the Hiroshima Peace Park, housing the Peace Memorial Museum; the A-Bomb Dome, and The Cenotaph. Touring these sites will expose your students to a different perspective of WWII as well as the unique fighting conditions on the Pacific front.

Japan also offers the opportunity to take-in unique experiences such as the Imperial Palace, the food hall of Ginza, and the Ueno: home of the National Museum. Any tour to Japan is sure to inspire awe in students with the culture and history of the nation, but a WWII tour in particular provides a real insight on how its history influenced the formation of the modern world.

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Hawaii, in particular Honolulu, is a must-see educational opportunity for student or military enthusiasts. This is where the United States was forced into joining the World War II.

On December 7, 1941 the Japanese completed a surprise attack on Pearl Harbour, the first attack on United States soil of the 20th century.  Your visit to Pearl Harbour sites will include USS Arizona Memorial, the Battleship Missouri, Pearl Harbour Visitor Center and the Pacific Aviation museum.  Another insightful WWII activity is the USS Bowfin museum, where you will be able to climb aboard the historic World War II submarine USS Bowfin, nicknamed "The Pearl Harbor Avenger."

Discover how confining and demanding the life of the undersea warrior was. Continuing on your wartime journey, you may wish to visit the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (informally known as Punchbowl Cemetery). Here, over 13,000 soldiers and sailors who died during World War II would be laid to rest.

Hawaii is also famous for its spectacular surroundings. Explore Maui, "the Magical Island" with breathtaking beaches; Hawaii "the Big Island" and its majestic volcanoes; or Kauai, "the Garden Isle" with lush, adventure-filled rainforests. Engage in these surroundings by taking a hike to Diamond Head in Honolulu, from where you will enjoy a stunning view over Waikiki and the city. In Oahu, witness a wrecked WWII bomber plane while hiking.

Throughout this tour, your students will have walked in the footsteps of the soldiers and civilians who witnessed one of the worse attacks on the US. They will also have gained a new found understanding of the reason for the American involvement in a war that engulfed the world.

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