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Greetings, educators! Despite a bumpy 2020 so far, as this school year winds to a close we want to thank you for your support and wish you a great summer.

We also want to remind you to plan ahead and start thinking about where to bring your students next year. We have been working hard putting together new itineraries to encourage domestic travel, but wherever you wish to go, EWT can create a fun and educational tour!

Below is a couple of suggestions for the upcoming year:

  Haida Gwaii


Treat your students to a land of wild and spectacular beauty! Home to a wide array of historical, geographical, cultural and natural heritage, Haida Gwaii is an ideal student destination that will leave them breathless and full of lifelong memories. Haida Gwaii, or the "Island of the People", is a group of islands with two mainland ones, Graham and Moresby. This 250-kilometer long archipelago is the traditional land of the Haida Nation, who makes up for roughly half of the local population today.

Visit museums and the Heritage Center teaching your students about the locals' past and present living culture; discover various forms and collections of local art; and bring your students on a kayak tour to add a twist of adventure and fun. In Haida Gwaii, there is something to learn – and love – for all!


  BC's Interior – Kelowna, Kamloops and Prince George


When thinking about British Columbia, Vancouver and Victoria are usually the first destinations coming to mind. However, the province is also home to less traveled, but no less spectacular gems! The Eastern semi-arid desert, unique in BC, will allow you and your students for a distinctive experience.

Cities in the province's interior offer a number of courses and recreational activities such as water parks, lakes, bowling, and more. Kelowna is a vibrant natural city hosting music festivals in which your students can engage. Kamloops, a transportation hub linked to Vancouver via the spectacular Fraser Canyon along the Trans-Canada highway, is another highlight of the region. The capital of Northern BC and initially the home of the Lheidli T'enneh and Carrier Sekani First Nations people, Prince George has a lot to teach your students.

For a broader experience, consider combining this part of the province with Vancouver or Calgary!


  Southern Alberta


The Rockies, renowned as Alberta's highlights, are not the only wonders of the province! A captivating destination for history, geography, and science students, Southern Alberta is home to five UNESCO World Heritage sites as well as a variety of surprising natural surroundings. This includes no less than canyons, prairies, forests, sandstone pillars, and rocky mountains.

Start your tour in Calgary, a city boasting thriving art and cultural scenes. Carry on with Drumheller, the pre-historic "Dinosaur Capital of the World" and discover the riveting stories associated with it. Enjoy an overnight beneath the shade of Turtle Mountain at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre. Explore the natural gem of Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump World Heritage Site, and teach your students about the cultural impact this cliff had on the Native Plains people for over 6,000 years.

Welcome to a land of multiple discoveries!


  Newfoundland and Labrador


Introduce your students to the newest Canadian province, part of the confederation since 1949. Its heritage was highly influenced by the Indigenous culture as well as the visits of English, Irish, and French fishermen from the 1500s. In fact, the province was under British rule until 1949 and is geographically located closer to the Irish coast than to Winnipeg!

Let your students experience this rich culture by means of guided tours narrating local stories and tales; the discovery of preserved artifacts; and traditional activities such as a fishing boat tour.

Extending over more than 25,000 kilometers of pristine coastline, the province boasts impressive natural sites with a European touch like nowhere else in Canada. The collision of tectonic plates that formed most of Newfoundland makes its geology a riveting phenomenon to teach students.

We hope that you are feeling inspired and are looking forward to designing your next tailor-made itinerary with you!



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