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Have you ever thought about involving your students in hands-on activities that would make a difference in the lives of others and the environment? Volunteering is a powerful way to learn about different cultural surroundings through collaboration, teamwork and tolerance. We, at EWT, stand behind the idea that introducing students to local communities firsthand is a not only an efficient, but also a deeply meaningful educational approach.

Volunteering can take various forms to match your group’s field(s) of interest. You can choose to enroll in a weekly program dedicated towards the cause of your choice, or you may decide to combine community service work with other interests. A volunteering experience can be included in your next language tour for instance, thus adding a practical component to your authentic and cultural itinerary.

We have gathered a few suggestions in a diverse range of destinations on your behalf for inspiration, and we are always willing to accommodate any requests you may have. Check out our different ideas below and contact us today to receive a free customized quote!



Childcare and Community Work in Peru

Get to know outstanding Peru while making a difference in a local community! Your students will take part in meaningful projects and give a hand to local caregivers working with underprivileged children. Your volunteering experience may also involve some basic renovation work benefiting local schools and daycare centers. Spanish teachers, this is the perfect opportunity for your students to practice their skills by engaging with locals daily, during but also outside of shifts with welcoming homestay families. Make sure to combine community work with cultural and exciting activities, such as a visit to breathtaking Machu Picchu or attending salsa classes.


  Puero Rico    

Construction Work in Puerto Rico

Take part in a hands-on service journey in the fascinating island of Puerto Rico. Since Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean island two years ago, in September 2017, it has never been as much in need of external help! Home construction work is currently the heart of volunteer opportunities there, and you will have the chance to make a positive impact in the local community at a critical time. Between service shifts, do not forget to go out and explore the lively and colorful Old San Juan, as well as the myriad white-sanded beaches all around the island. Puerto Rico is full of culture and a suitable destination for music groups that are seeking to venture off the beaten track.



Wildlife Conservation at the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya

Many of the currently endangered species, such as Big Cats or the Rothschild Giraffe, call Kenya home. They need help to sustain their numbers in the wild and ultimately prevent a further decline of their populations. Your students will get to work with local conservation experts towards the preservation of biodiversity, while learning all about these fascinating animals and the effects of climate change into their lives and habitats. During your stay at this astonishing wildlife reserve, considered the best of Kenya’s parks, they will also be introduced and get to spend time with members of the Maasai Mara community.


  Costa Rica    

Environmental Work and Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

Combine service work, culture, language skills strengthening and fun in an engaging trip to Costa Rica! Your students will be daily exposed to current local issues as part of different environmental projects, such as reforestation efforts, trail maintenance, tree planting and/or wildlife conservation work. They will be encouraged to brainstorm and share ideas to contribute towards the preservation of Costa Rica’s incredibly diverse natural resources and ecosystems. In parallel, other activities in form of tours and classes – cooking, dance, language, native arts and crafts – will introduce your students to the rich aspects of the local culture, while exposing them to a broader social perspective of the world.



Asian Elephants Care in Thailand

Elephants play an important role in their ecosystem, yet sadly they are critically endangered today. Their largest threats involve poaching, destruction of their habitat or cruel captivity to entertain tourists. The good news is that you can do something about it! During their shifts, your students will be personally involved with the care of these grey giants while learning all about the possible conservation efforts relating to the survival of their species. Your group will get to stay in local accommodation such as a sanctuary, thus getting familiarized with Thai customs and habits by living and interacting with locals on a daily basis. Discover a unique part of the world in addition to creating lifelong bonds with the largest land mammals on Earth!



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