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Dear cadet unit director,

I hope this e-mails finds you well.

I would like to have a brief moment of your attention. Please allow me to introduce you to our company – Educational World Tours. We've partnering with youth groups for many years, collaborating to create custom travel itineraries to learn, respect and absorb the legacy, courage and comradery of Canadian servicemen and servicewomen in Canada and abroad.

We were founded on the principle that travel provides a uniquely immersive, interactive and dynamic learning experience as such we include program, sightseeing and recreational activities in all our tours. From the military museums and attraction in Canada, to battlefields in Europe, Asia, and Africa, you can trust our tours always deeply rooted on the following values:

Contact us to plan your next unit trip, our quotes are free of charge and we are just one click away!

On behalf of my team, I thank you for your time and attention.



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